COMESA was established in the city of Lima back in the year 1957. Today we have more than 60 years of accumulated experience. Currently, our production area includes a foundry and a machining workshop that extends to almost 30,000 m2.

We are a Peruvian firm that has the capacity to undertake projects in diverse industries. However, our primary focus is in mining as our country is currently located amongst the principal mineral producers in Latin America and the world. So that´s where we are, ready to respond to the supply requirements of machinery and wear parts.

Currently, our production area includes a foundry and a machining workshop that extends to almost 30,000 m2

“The competitive advantage of any company with tradition is their knowledge. This is why we develop various strategies that look to develop and preserve our strategic knowledge along with the incorporation of new technologies and innovative methods.”


Our daily work is reflected in how we put into practice our values, along with our quality, security, and environmental standards.

Customer promise:

In COMESA we create trustable and personalized metallurgic solutions for our clients, ensuring in each step the continuity and evolution of their industrial processes.


The ISO 9001 certification is proof of our commitment towards enhancing productivity, improving our organization’s results, and client satisfaction